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TikTok Enters The Education Market To Support Schools And General Education

TikTok has become a worldwide sensation, having been downloaded 2 billion times since 2017, with 315 million downloads this year alone. The app allows you to record 15 to 60 seconds short videos with music or a sound of your choice.

TikTok has recently announced a shift in the app's purpose and with its great diversity in content, many people are starting to create educational short videos for every age. The app, owned by Chinese internetgiant ByteDance has announced a great shift into the online education market, asking hundreds of experienced experts to create educational clips for #LearnOnTikTok. 

When TikTok launch this, videos will include people like Rachel Riley who is a mathematician and a TV presenter who will be helping with skills in maths and also actor Sean Sagar who will be sharing tips on preparing for an audition. Many professionals are producing these clips and they are now going to be introduced alongside user-generated content. 

A handful of celebrities have agreed to make these short educational clips which will be funded by TikTok. Many institutions and charities are also taking part in this new project and videos of all subjects, some academical and some of other topics such as LGBTQ+ and black lives matter, will also be a topic in this new #LearnOnTikTok project. Using US$14.6 million into this project, TikTok thinks that this will be the new craze in the online education market. 

Videos have changed the way we learn and now we can just search up questions and there will be videos explaining the answers and teaching you new things and other ways. Over 70% of searches on YouTube are “how-to” videos which show that many people use YouTube as a source of knowledge. 500 hours of videos are uploaded onto YouTube every minute.


It is a proven fact that it is easier to learn facts with videos of under 6 minutes as you are more focused and less distracted or bored. It is also easier to learn with an explanation by having someone explain it to you with images and words. Learning is easier when only the necessary content is explained. 

TikTok’s 15-second videos encourage the user to explain one key point in a short amount of time which allows viewers to get a short but explanatory answer for a topic they may have questions on. Comments on these videos will allow viewers to ask questions and share their thoughts on the video.

This app could change the way people
learn online and also the benefit of these clips is that they are
from experienced professionals, on an app that is completely free and used by over 2 billion people. Even schools have already started encouraging their teachers to make TikTok’s for classroom learning and it is an easy way to access information from any different course. This will be a great benefit for kids all over the world.

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