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How To Make Your B2B & B2C Businesses COVID-19 Proof

This article may not apply to every business, but it applies to most businesses that are already suffering during this period of time.
If you think your business can't benefit from the content in this article please write a comment and let us know your challenge, maybe between other readers and me, we can come with other ideas that might apply to your business. The content shared in this article is already helping many businesses and the intention is to share information that could help many others. I am up for the challenge and the brainstorming, so let us know.

I have separated business into 2 types:

Businesses that can move online their services or sell online their products

  • Paid consultancy 1 to 1 or in a group
  • Paid Training 1 to 1 or in a group
  • Tech services companies can give support via Remote Desktop Access
  • Run classes online
  • Sell recorded courses online
  • Memberships (Training/Education) this can be monthly passive income
  • Create a shop online and deliver your products (shop or website with eCommerce)
  • Create videos of the products your business sells and deliver them
  • Freelance your services on Upwork, Freelance and many other websites

Businesses that can't give their services or sell what they do online

Target lead generation and in advance lead conversion (getting paid weeks or months before delivering the services)

This list can be applied by the businesses mentioned above too, as part of their lead generation.

  • Live Webinars/Conference Online/ Meetups Online (Training or/and informative about their industry) Webinars about your services and benefits and webinars on immediate solutions on things people can do while you can't help them, etc.
  • Recorded webinars
  • Landing pages with a free trial, a free consultancy, a free audit
  • A landing page with free download
  • Free training videos, a free how-to with solutions videos

Capture their details through these methods and build a database of people interested in the business and then make then pay you within the next 2 or 4 weeks IN ADVANCE with these strategies.


"25%" Discount if you pre-book our services
"25%" if your pre-order our product
Limited-time discount for the next 2 week (to push people to pay now)
Memberships (Education) monthly passive income


(B2B) Pre-order print services for your business cards before the 30th of April and get a 50% discount.
(B2C) Pre-Book your next 2 therapy/consultancy sessions and have "25%" OFF. Only if you pre-book before the "15th of April 2020".
(B2C) Book your next gardening service with "30%" discount before the 30th of April.

And then we have the most effective of all if your business can apply this strategy you will really benefit from it.

(B2B or B2C - Medium to Large Businesses) Book a consultancy call within the next 2 weeks and if you take our services you will get 25% discount plus an extra 3% OFF for every month delayed by COVID -19, from the day you booked.

The full process from acquiring leads to converting them into clients is shown in this diagram

And what about the marketing to promote all those strategies above?

Social Media

  • 1-minute tips everyday video
  • 1 minute teach something video
  • JV with other biz to run webinars
  • Create 1-min of video reviews
  • Run trivia competitions with reward
  • Weekly 1-minute video
  • Post your online options on the right
  • Local biz, promote on Facebook
  • Local Groups

Native Marketing

1. Write an article on your website
2. Promote it on Native Marketing sites like Taboola.com for £0.08 - £0.15 per click to your Site.
3. Guest posts on popular blogs



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