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Snapchat Fights for American Freedom (Vote Yes for Ballot Selfies)

In a move representative of our new-age society, a New Hampshire law banning "ballot selfies" has been lifted thanks to Snapchat. After filing a 26-page amicus brief, a submittal meant to bring to light or clarify information relevant to a case which is usually submitted by an invested party, Snapchat assured that voters in New Hampshire no longer need to fear when taking or sharing one of the infamous selfies.

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Arguing in favour of the First Amendment, Snapchat claimed that by limiting user content, the literal lifeblood of the app, news-gathering and the political coverage that contribute to its Live Stories is unjustly restricted. Undoubtedly acting in personal interest, Snapchat has squashed the dated, knee-jerk reaction of the legal system to selfie culture. Snapchat says that the ballot selfie will act as a milestone for new, young voters, encouraging higher voter participation.

Certain states like New York, Maine, Oregon, and Utah, do not bar pictures in the booth, whereas other states such as California, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Wisconsin have consequences in place. Laws vary state-to-state, as outlined by the Huffington Post. The predominantly successful argument against this brand of American freedom is that votes/voters can be coerced if pictures are allowed.

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According to William M. Gardner, secretary of the state in New Hampshire who strongly backs the 2014 law, voter intimidation and buying was stomped out only when secret voting was introduced. However, there has been no real evidence to suggest that this is still an issue. Flying in the face of lawmakers, several New Hampshire residents have posted pictures of their ballots to social media, which led to the law being called into question. Richard L. Hasen wrote a rather condemning article against ballot selfies, claiming that New Hampshire's restrictive law is "a modest way to make sure that this patriotic expression does not give anyone the tools to corrupt the voting process."

The case is currently being appealed in the First Circuit Court of Appeals; Snapchat submitted the brief on Friday.

A fun alternative being practised on Twitter is #votingselfie:

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