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You Can Now Speak to President Obama over Messenger

Okay, so you won't actually be having a conversation with Obama but there is a chance that your messages will get through to him. Instead, you provide your information to a bot and then you ask your question. If you're lucky, your message will be passed on and he will respond to you.

If you want to speak to Obama then you need to message The White House on Messenger. This account is a bot so there might be some confusion if you don't use the right commands. When you start the conversation with the bot they'll ask for your name, your home address, an email address and a phone number. That is a lot of information that you might not be comfortable sharing but you do have to share something. Although, the bot will not realise if what you're sharing is fake. This means that you can leave fake names and addresses but when POTUS read through your messages they may be slightly suspicious and might not pass them on to Obama.

Chances are that you might not manage to get a question through to Obama easily this way so you may have to ask a few times. As well as this, there are other ways to try to get in contact with the President. You can still email or write a letter to him and they'll also have to go through POTUS so if you send it as many ways as possible, you should hopefully get a response.

To some people, this might seem like a ridiculous gimmick. It's true that you are just talking to another bot but the Obamas' have been trying to build a presence on social media so they can be more available. Obama won't be in power for much longer so he needs to be there for US citizens as much as possible. You can now follow him on Twitter and Michelle on Snapchat, being able to get a message through to the president on Messenger just seemed like the next big idea. As well as that, this proves that even the White House is getting behind technology and smartphones being important now. You do have to wonder if this bot will survive into the next presidency but we'll just have to see what the next president thinks of Facebook Messenger.

Publicity stunt or not, this could do both wonders for Facebook and the White House so if you have any questions for Obama, why not ask him there?

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