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6 Tips for Staying Safe When Buying Through Pinterest

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A few recent updates from Pinterest means you can now relatively easily add whatever you pin to your closet, home or beauty regimen. You don't even have to leave your favorite platform to add things to your cart. However, buying online can be a bit of a security risk, so we’ve compiled six simple hacks that make buying through Pinterest that much safer. Instead of just lusting after those beautiful heels you saw your favorite blogger sporting, now you can feel safe about acting on that impulse!

1.     Apple products only, please!

For the time being, Apple products are the only system that Pinterest allows for buying, and while this may seem unfair, there’s actually a legitimate reason behind it.

Since Macs are practically impervious to spy malware, it’s harder for vendor information to be hacked while using these products. And on the plus side, for people who are still iffy about trusting the site with your credit card transactions, a simple Virtual Private Network (VPN), such as those recommended by Secure Thoughts, can add an extra layer of security and encryption. Don’t get angry Microsofters; get Apple!

2.     Know you’re being sold to.

Promoted pins were a new thing a few hot minutes ago, but now they’ve combined with the buyable feature to make them a super promoted pick from advertisers. So before making any purchase, make sure you’re picking a trusted source.

Big companies like Nordstrom and Macy’s have already made the switch to Pinterest buyable pins, and they're trustworthy companies with big brand names that people are familiar with. However, as the buy feature gets more popular, your boards will soon be flooded with smaller, independent companies that might not have as much clout. Don't worry; you can still buy from them. Just make sure you're looking at a few details first. Great quality photographs (white background and a well-cropped photo) are a good sign, and doing some independent research on the company's internet presence is an additional way to flesh out a safe buy.

3.     When in doubt, buy at home.

Even though mobile makes everything easier, it's always a better rule of thumb when it comes to online shopping to buy only over your secure home network—and this applies to Pinterest purchasing as well.

Home networks are safer than a public network where anyone can hack into your accounts or steal your information, so it's better to purchase at home. But if you must buy on an open network, the same VPN protecting your computer from malware will protect and encrypt your information over an open network. 

4.     Retailers may be limited.

Pinterest has partnered with Shopify to add to its retail spectrum, which is great for retailers who are already familiar with the platform. However, if you're not using Shopify, it can be tricky to get your products online and get them purchased. With this limitation, it does mean smaller businesses are, for the time being, at a disadvantage, and users are only going to be able to shop the big names.  

5.     Guard against the impulse buy.

Since Pinterest went viral, it’s been one of the biggest ways retailers can get their products, or lifestyle bloggers to get their brands, out into the world and adored by the masses. Now these same retailers can start cashing in on the droves of fans that spend hours pinning recipes, cute outfits and travel destinations to their boards.

What this means for users is you're going to be tempted to loosen the purse strings even more than usual, so don't get sucked in just because it's easy. Only make planned purchases, then you're ready to go!

6.     There are no hidden fees.

Pinterest doesn't take a cut from its buyable pin purchases, so customers are getting the same price as they would on the company website or in the store—which is great news both for the retailer and the buyer. If anyone is asking for you to pay a fee, it's an automatic red flag for fraud since Pinterest and it's retailers aren't practicing this. So whether you're in the market for new tableware or just can't imagine a better dress for your friend's wedding next month, if the retailer is adding on extra fees, it's a no-go, no matter how much you like the item!

On top of good internet practices—such as shopping with a money card or a credit card opposed to a debit card—Pinterest has made all the fantasies come true by giving users a direct connection to the products that they’re obsessed with. So keep in mind these six things and you’re off to a great shopping start!

Have tips of your own? Add them in the comments. We’d love to know more!

Guest Post – Cassie of CultureCoverage.com

Cassie loves planning parties, outfits and chartering mad travel experiences out in the great wild world, which is why Pinterest is her number one social platform. She aims to get the best out of life thanks to fast technology and a fearless nature, and hopes her tips for navigating Pinterest and its new buyable pins will make your life safer and easier!

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