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Facebook Planning New Snapchat-Like App

Since Facebook brought MSQRD we have been expecting them to announce another Snapchat style app, or at least make something bigger out of MSQRD. That has yet to really happen, but we now have rumours that Facebook are coming up with a single camera app that would encourage users to create and share more photos.

At the moment they don't know if this will even make it to a fully released app. The uncertainty is probably for the best after the failure of their previous attempts at Snapchat like apps. If Facebook were serious about this, then they should probably be focusing on MSQRD. The acquired app won't be disappearing and Facebook are still working on it, but what will happen if they have two similar apps? One is likely going to have to be integrated into the other and it's hard to say which would have to fade into the other.

Facebook need to try something like this though. A lot of their users are quite passive, they'll share links and things and they'll respond to instant articles, but they don't share as much of their own. Facebook want users sharing more statuses and posting photos more regularly, not just a bunch after someone's attended an event. A photo sharing app could encourage users to post more pictures, if not daily, then at least weekly. Teenagers use Snapchat every day and they share on it every day, users might also use Facebook every day, but they don't share as often on there anymore. I think it is questionable as to how many users would actually use it though. Teenagers will probably stick to Snapchat and more adults are starting to use it too. Why would they switch to this new app that links everything to Facebook when they already have an app they use and like?

Technology does change regularly, but some things really do have staying power. In the past Facebook have proven that photo apps aren't really their forte. Even with MSQRD it seems unlikely that they're going to do too well. It'll be interesting to see what their attempt leads.

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