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Tinder Hands Scholarship to Woman Pushed from Sorority for Profile Picture

In this day and age of social media and dating apps being an easy way to mine information about someone, it's a sad truth that people are judged in their real or professional lives due to what pictures they use. Not wanting to hire someone who posts a lot of drinking pictures is understandable, but a young woman essentially being kicked out of her sorority for wearing a shirt with the name on in her Tinder picture is another.

Shannon Workman is a Junior at the University of Nebraska and until recently she was a member of the Chi Omega sorority. Workman chose to quit the sorority after they decided to revoke her membership. This would have meant that she would still be a part of the sorority, but she wouldn't receive any of the benefits or discounts that come with being a member. She essentially felt pushed out and all for a t-shirt she wore on Tinder. The t-shirt stated the name of the sorority making it clear that she was part of it. Her revocation was decided by an executive board who thought her t-shirt violated the Chi Omega human dignity rule. They didn't want the sorority associated with Tinder due to the fact it's mostly used as a hook up app.


It does make sense that Chi Omega wouldn't want to be associated with Tinder because the app does have many negative connotations. However more and more college students are just using Tinder to make friends and it's still unfair that Workman got in trouble over one picture. She wasn't misbehaving in the picture, but people she may have matched with on Tinder may associate the sorority with anything else she said or did. So now, Tinder are using this to their advantage.

As Workman didn't back down, Tinder has granted her a scholarship that will pay for her Senior year. They've also given her the opportunity to take an internship with the company once she's finished college. Tinder co-founder Sean Radd called Workman up himself to let her know about the internship. This is the first time that Tinder have reached out to anyone whose story has inspired them, but hopefully it won't be the last.

Tinder is still mostly a hook up app with a lot of problems, but it's slowly transforming into something more.

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