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TikTok More Popular Than Instagram, Facebook Or YouTube In 2019

TikTok was the third most downloaded app in the world in 2019, has 188 million downloads and has more downloads than all the famous apps like YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and even Instagram. the first 2 were Whatsapp and Uber.

TikTok is a worldwide sensation that has grown in popularity over the years. TikTok was originally created by ByteDance which was founded in 2012 and based in Beijing. It was a social platform where users would share memes, written posts, and jokes in the form of a video.

ByteDance was later closed in 2018 by the Chinese censor, but before ByteDance was shut down they created Douyin, one of ByteDance’s most successful apps made, and in the same year in 2016 they created an international version called TikTok. Both apps were so popular that they had an average of about 500 million users monthly. In 2017 ByteDance acquired musical.ly for the US $1 billion and after, in 2018 musical.ly merged with TikTok to enable it to become a global platform so that the users were no longer only located in China.

Source: Oberlo.com

TikTok has over 500 million users a month and 41% of all TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24.TikTok is most popular in India with 119.3m users, then the USA with 39.6m users.

One of the reasons TikTok is so popular is because of the app Vine. Vine was an app that was mainly a platform for people to express jokes in short videos of six seconds each. This started the trend of short videos being posted on an online platform.

Musical.ly was the same type of app but with the addition of lip-syncing which is what made it stand out from any other social media platform. People on musical.ly would do things while lip-syncing to a song or creating original audio content. TikTok is now exactly the same platform as musical.ly but with a larger user platform and new updates and filters.

At age 17, Loren Gray is the most followed person on TikTok. She has 37.1 million followers and she mainly lips syncs to catchy tunes or funny voice audios. She is a very pretty girl and always makes TikTok collabs with her friends.

How to do marketing on TikTok

Take into consideration that TikTok has a younger audience than other social platforms.
TikTok encourages users to show their real side and authenticity is important.

To make people take notice of your videos make them exciting and interesting with content that appeals to the younger generation, while still incorporating information about your product or business so that you attract traffic to your profile and gain more followers.

The fastest and easiest option, if your audience range is between 18 - 24 you should try Influencers marketing, contact one of the influencers on TikTok and ask them how much they charge for it.

To choose a good influencer, look for someone that will be a good ambassador of your brand and make sure it has more than 1 million followers.

An example of a good influencer on TikTok is Cassidy Thompson @Cassidy_t because she is a very skilled gymnast and while showing her skills and the creativity in video editing, she mixes her videos with some product videos too, but not in excess, more are the videos about her skills than promotions. She is a good example of what an influencer should be to represent your brand.

A step by step guide on how to use TikTok

1. Download the app TikTok and then make an account by signing in

2. Set up a profile by adding a profile picture and editing your bio

3. Go to the section in the app called home and view other users posts

4. Comment, like, or share videos that you enjoy

5. Search for a song or audio you've heard on TikTok by pressing the + button

6. Pick audio you like and record your video

7. Make edits if you would like your video and add a caption

8. Collab with other user and friends by making a duet

9. Join challenges and follow trends

TikTok multiple additional features:

- On TikTok, you are able to save any public video

- You are also able to create GIFs out of any chosen public video ( not yours )

- If you would like to stop others from downloading your videos you can change this in the settings of your account

- Turn videos into live photos

- Connect with other TikTok users by sharing your TikCode from your profile

- Make your profile private

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