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Hunger Games Code Hunt Challenge

‘Join the Rebellion’

The marketing team behind the release of ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1’ on Blu-ray and DVD have come up with a truly unique and innovative way of generating a buzz around the film.


As part of a social media campaign, participants are urged to ‘Join the rebellion’ by finding clues on partner sites such as IGN, Break and Celebuzz in order to crack a code revealing exclusive deleted scenes and additional content from the movie. The aim of the campaign, other than the obvious publicity, is to create a real life scenario that mimics the narrative of the film.

AJ Vernet, vice -president of social at Sizmek (the ad management agency responsible for the campaign) commented:

“In this first to market campaign, Sizmek helped Lionsgate drive fans along a journey that included Facebook to multiple publishers and Twitter where fans can participate in a collective experience. We aggregated hashtags across platforms in real time to effect a creative execution and ultimately unlock exclusive content.”

The campaign will be launched initially as a sponsored post on Facebook from the ‘Capitol of Panem’, which will direct visitors to a cryptic, nonsensical message supposedly from ‘District 13’ (the rebellious district within the movie) that is in need of some drastic translation. After deciphering the message using a free translator tool it will be revealed to be a fictitious bulletin from the district, commanding that you join them by deciphering the clues across the various partner sites. Upon finding the hidden messages within the site’s source code participants will be prompted to tweet using the hashtag #UnlockMockingjay.

The campaign is the first of its kind, and looks set to achieve massive success on a multitude of social media and networking sites. Even before launch it has garnered abundant amounts of praise from fans and critics alike. Anne Carducci, executive vice president of marketing at Lionsgate, seems optimistic about the campaign’s success:

“Partnering with Sizmek enabled us to provide fans with an extremely innovative way to interact by unlocking an exclusive deleted scene from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 home entertainment release across digital channels and screens.”

It’s good to see an advertising firm step outside of the norm to create a refreshing, interactive experience that not only shows promise as a marketing tool, but also stays true to the tone and direction of the film. Bravo Sizmek!

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