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Iggy Azalea Quits Social Media

Enough is Enough


Iggy Azalea has had a pretty unfortunate relationship with social media. Between regular rants about various things, leaked photographs and a spectacular feud with Azalea Banks that dragged in dozens of other hip-hop and rnb artists, the term ‘any publicity is good publicity’ has been tested to breaking point.

This time around, the Australian star after being papped in a bikini whilst vacationing in Hawaii with her boyfriend, Nick Young. Unsurprisingly (and depressingly), the vast majority of the pictures were angled towards her rear, sparking off a torrent of nasty comments about her figure on social media networks.

Azalea took to Twitter to weather the storm, threatening to turn her back on SM networks for the foreseeable future, and then doing exactly that.

“iam taking some time away from social media. I need to be happy and it is too negative and draining," Azalea said, "My management will tweet/run my accounts from today onwards with updates etc unless any message is signed -IA. Love you all. Peace out!"

This move, of course, won’t prevent people from jumping online and saying unpleasant things about her, or keep the paparazzi at bay, but it will keep Azalea distanced from it all, which is unquestionably a good thing, since she’s done little more than exacerbate things in the past when called to defend herself.

Of all the social media formats, Twitter has the worst reputation for driving well-known people away. Stephen Fry, arguably the most well-known exponent of the site, has temporarily closed down his account twice to get away from all the bile, while people like Matt Lucas and Zelda Williams have deleted their accounts permanently following hateful and unacceptable comments about their deceased loved-ones. While the flack Azalea has been fielding isn’t quite that extreme, it’s yet another timely reminder of the unwarranted cruelty that continually rises to the surface on these platforms. 

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