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Snapchat Now Allows You to Record Video While Your Phone is Playing Music



If you go onto your phone now, start it playing music (via Spotify, iTunes or whatever else) and then open a video recording app, it will stop the music immediately. It stands to reason, the phone needs to have the music off to be able to record sound for the video. 

Or does it? 

In their most recent update release (version 9.2.0, only out for iOS at time of writing), Snapchat have added in a patch which allows you to record video snaps while still playing music through your phone. It will work no matter what app you're using to play the audio.

The music will be recorded straight into the video, it always plays at the same volume, but the sound quality is just as good on the video is it is when you’re listening to it normally. Annoyingly, it doesn't work when you’re wearing headphones, but you know, baby steps. 

The desire to record videos with a high-quality backing track has been much-sought after, being that record-release apps like Snapchat and Vine have very limited editing options and it would be hellishly complicated to make them so elaborate that you could actually select an MP3, choose the segment of the track you want and place it on the timeline, as you would on a piece of proper editing software. 

More than anything else, this is going to lead to an awful lot of karaoke and lip syncing flaring up on the app, with other, more sophisticated ideas likely appearing as people get used to the new functionality. Moving beyond that, it means that musicians who have a distinct presence on the app will be able to promote their work in interesting new ways. 

Goldroom have previously featured on Snapchat (via Site of Sound)

There have been rumblings that Snapchat might actually venture into the world of music promotion, perhaps even setting up their own label sometime in the near-future. An article in the New York Post made mentioned that they might be interested in Big Machine, that label that currently represents Taylor Swift. In the short term though, this little update has the potential to completely retool Snapchat etiquette, so don’t be surprised if you find that Vine and others follow their example in the coming months.

Callum Davies

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