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Web Summit 2020: Day 2 Highlights



Day two of the Web Summit did not disappoint! Our press team enjoyed a full day of mingling and attending talks by entrepreneurs, celebrities, and world-class athletes. After day one it felt like everyone had gotten accustomed to the pandemic safe online conference format of this year's event. More people were mingling, reacting to talks, and submitting questions in for Q&A segments. 

A talk our team really related to was "Maintaining Mental Health as Digital Marketing Managers" by Lisa Raab of Falcon.io. Raab gave an interesting take on 2020 in terms of social media, remarking that it has been a place for digital activism and a platform for connection in a time when we need it most. However, in 2020 we also saw an increase in negative comments and a burden placed on social media managers having to respond carefully and thoughtfully to every event in a tumultuous news cycle. 


 Tik Tok's rapid increase in popularity since its initial release has been a topic of conversation for social media news outlets and politicians alike. In a talk today TikTok's Vice President of Global Business Solut, Blake Chandlee, TikTok's VP of Global Business Solutions and Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur, marketing guru, and internet personality addressed criticism and safety concerns from the U.S. government. Chandlee remarked that their company is "fighting for our community and self-expression." 


The issue of free speech on apps has been a topic of discussion since the beginning, but with the events of 2020 these discussions have increased and intensified. In a talk with Maryam Banikarim, CMO of Nextdoor, an app that connects neighbors, the murder of George Floyd caused them to take a closer look at their community guidelines. She stated frankly that on this app “there is no place for racism.”


Another interesting talk at the Web Summit was Ready Player 2021 (VR is here)Emmet Shear (Twitch), Nanea Reeves (Tripp), and Marcus Segal (ForeVR Games). With this year's summit being all online, the speakers drew comparisons to VR and the Web Summit!

Finally, Web Summit Founder and CEO Paddy Cosgrave announced that Web Summit will be coming to Tokyo in 2020!

Day three is fast approaching. Look out for my personal childhood idol, Dr. Jane Goodall at 1:30pm GMT. Tomorrow is sure to be full of more surprises, and we can't wait to share them with you. 


Adrienne Lucas/Senior Editor

A passionate writer with experience in editing, content creation, and social media marketing. A lover of animals, helping others improve their writing, and 2000's pop culture.

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