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Web Summit 2020 Talk: From Youtube to coda

Shishir Mehrotra co-founder of Coda gave a short but sweet talk at the Web Summit today and taking a page out of his book I will also keep this short. He covered his predictions for the future of what he called the 'Maker Generation' and the ability to turn creativity into software and philosophy into implementation. 

This was obviously focused around Coda and his belief that Coda will do to apps, what youtube did to video. Which is to say not making it irrelevant but rather improving and expanding on what already exists. Coda provides a platform for the Maker Generation to design their experience, creating software that they feel existing software is lacking in comparison to. 

It is easy to see how a more personalised experience, whether in entertainment or in software would be so crucial for an increasingly more connected world. Social media connecting everyone allows for the rapid sharing of these ideas to a larger market, and in a larger market, the ability to stand apart from the rest is ultimately what makes or breaks any app, any business. So check out Coda and tell us your experience with it. 

Jack Glidewell 

Editor at social songbird.A self-taught writer and news enthusiast, with a deep love for new and exciting developments around the globe. Aspiring Novel writer and traditional and pop Japanese culture lover. 

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