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Ticketmaster and Eventbrite Selling Tickets Through Facebook

A few years ago a buy tickets button appeared on the Facebook accounts of a few users in Israel and the Netherlands. If an event like a concert had tickets available then you could click a button that would take you to a third party source to buy them. This new collaboration however, will allow you to buy tickets through Facebook without having to go elsewhere.

The two services providing the tickets will be Ticketmaster and Eventbrite. This means you'll be able to buy tickets for a variety of events. These will be shown on your Facebook as normal events. Through that event page you can see how much the tickets cost and buy them without having to leave the Facebook app.

The reason for this change is because the ticket selling services have realised that people are spending more time on Facebook than they do any other app. People don't want to download extra apps to buy things like tickets and they spend less time online on a computer then they used to. By integrating their ticket buying services in Facebook's app, they hope that more people will see the possible events they can get tickets for and will hopefully be more willing to buy the tickets. Of course this doesn't mean that the ticket services are the only ones profiting from this change. When you buy a ticket through Facebook, they will get paid an affiliate fee.

This feature is still in the early stages for Ticketmaster, so the first few events you can buy tickets for will be general admission. If this goes well then you'll be able to buy more other ticket types such as VIP admission. Facebook are saying however that they want to make event finding easier, for the benefit of their casual users and the event organisers alike. If they can book a ticket through Facebook then they're going to be more likely to attend and whilst they're there they might make new contacts who they can utilise more of Facebook's services with.

This is most certainly a mutually beneficial partnership and one that could last for a long time. If this works then even if Ticketmaster or Eventbrite ever close down then Facebook will probably have the ability and the know how to still sell tickets through their site and app. So this means that Facebook is one step closer to being the only app that anyone will ever need.

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