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Among Teenagers, Snapchat is More Popular than Instagram

A recent survey by investment bank Piper Jaffray found that Snapchat is now the social network of choice for teenagers. In the autumn of last year it was found that Instagram was the preferred service of choice for teenagers but over the last few months that has changed and more teenagers have switched one photo sharing app for another.

Piper Jaffray hold a semi-annual survey of 6500 teenagers and have been watching which of the apps they like to use the most. Around 28% of the group considered Snapchat their most  important social network compared to  27% of teenagers who considered Instagram their favourite. There may only be a 1% difference but between autumn 2015 and spring 2016 Snapchat's user base grew by 9 points and Instagram's fell by 6.

Business Insider

It seems quite obvious why this is all going to be happening. Snapchat is aimed at teenagers and it keeps adding more and more features to make it more practical for them. Instagram on the other hand has changed their algorithm and annoyed a lot of their users, their video additions might have seemed like a good idea but a lot of teenagers still prefer Youtube and Vine for that sort of thing. Snapchat might appear to be copying other chat apps with their stickers and chat 2.0 but the fact is that it still offers more then Instagram.

Teenagers don't have to worry about looking their best in all their snaps, they don't have to worry about editing or about how many likes they have. They still care about getting responses and they still want the snaps they share publicly to look good but there's less expectation to always look perfect. The pictures disappear after a few seconds and it's just a quick and easy way to see what someone's up to at that moment. Instagram on the other hand is a collection of their best photos and videos, things they want people to see for a long time to come. And as much as teenagers love sharing selfies, a lot of the time they don't need to spam everyone who follows them and Snapchat is more geared towards that then Instagram is.

Snapchat is just going to keep gaining more and more teen users and that's because Snapchat gives them the chance to be real whereas on Instagram all they want to be seen as is perfect.

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