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Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Have Been Blocked in North Korea


Censorship in North Korea has increased with social media services Facebook, Twitter and Youtube having all been banned. You can no longer access the sites through North Korean internet providers and anyone found hacking their way onto the sites will be punished.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all been unofficially banned for months now, and even Instagram has been difficult to access at times for reasons of controlling outside information. This means that North Koreans won't only struggle to find out what's going on outside of the country, but foreigners will also have a hard time finding out what's actually going on there.

It's an incredibly scary change, and could affect businesses as well as people living in North Korea. For people who feel the need to hack the internet then how they'll be punished hasn't been stated so it could be that they haven't decided how yet or that they just don't want that information leaking out.

It was difficult enough before to access areas of the internet in North Korea but now it's gotten so much worse. The government are trying to keep an impossibly tight, and utterly unfair amount of control over the people. These censorship measures are similar to what they have in China, and they focus on trying to prevent people from sending out hateful messages about the government. The fact they feel the need to do that should say something about the government itself anyway but to them it clearly makes sense.

Social media websites aren't the only ones that have been banned; many sites with pornographic or adult content have also been banned. I doubt they could have caught every site like that, some will very much be under the radar and others will most definitely pop up after this ban.

Even so you have to realise that the banning of websites across an entire country is always a drastic measure though and never one you want to see in action. Some of the banned adult sites will only be political in nature but they’re classed as adult as the opinions defy what the government want to societal norms to be and this gives them an excuse to ban them.

Fortunately Instagram is not listed on the banned list and there will still be other social media services that are freely accessible. There are still ways to get news out and in and we have to hope they remain open, for the sake of the North Korean people.

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