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#Tumblr Replies are Back and They're New and Improved

Tumblr users can rejoice for replies have returned! No longer will you have to reblog a post you don't particularly want on your blog to make a comment, or to go out of your way to message someone as you want to reply to something they've posted. The feature should have rolled out to all users by now, including on the mobile app, but if you don't have them yet then just wait a little longer.

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A few months ago Tumblr removed their replies feature to much uproar. Being able to reply to a post was practical, it meant you didn't have to reblog a really long text or image heavy post to start a conversation and people often compared it to saying something at a normal volume to someone in a loud room. It's not something you mind other people hearing, but you don't necessarily need to shout it out loud.

The replies were removed as at that time Tumblr was very message heavy and it meant they couldn't integrate things in the way they wanted. Fanmail was still accessible, asks and submissions will always be a thing, and then suddenly they were bringing in the IM feature. So to get the IM feature to work the way they wanted, replies had to go. The thing is that people had wanted an IM feature for a long time and it really is great.

If you run a side blog then, thanks to the IMs you can message someone from that account rather than having to use your primary blog which could take away some privacy or cause other issues. But as far as users knew IMs had replaced both Fanmail and replies as it wasn’t until February that it was announced that they would be back. You see that it turns out Tumblr just needed time to improve on the replies feature.

In the past you could only reply to original posts and answered questions. The original post couldn't have been by you and you could only reply once which made the character limit a little awkward for writing things. Now you can reply to any post, including reblogs, you can reply to your own posts and you can reply more than once which is great if you forget something.

The security settings on the reply feature have also improved, you can choose to only let people who have been following you for more than a week to reply to you, you can only allow mutual followers to reply to you or just anyone at all.

Tumblr have also updated their notes feature. What will happen now when you click on the notes is you'll see a scrollable horizontal bar of people who have just liked and reblogged the posts. If someone has replied however or reblogged and add a comment then you'll see these users and their comments in list form just as you'll have seen every reblog and like in the past. This is pretty neat and will make conversations on Tumblr a lot easier to access and read. Especially if a lot of people are just reblogging and liking with no additions.

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I'm super excited for this update and I'm so pleased to have replies back again. Now they just need to fix reblogs so you can actually remove unnecessary comments in posts again.

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