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Facebook Messenger Introducing Secret Conversations and In-Store Payments

Facebook are constantly working on their Messenger features, and their next additions are going to allow people to pay for services in shops as well as a secret messaging option.

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The main feature will be the payment options that will allow users to order products online and choose to pay through Messenger. The options found have been pay in person, pay directly with messenger when collect item in store and no payment required.

You can assume that no payment required would mean you could pay with cash when you got there as you can never exactly get anything for free. This is an interesting move for Facebook to make, because they have said that they aren't a payment business and they don't plan to move into it any time soon. So is this a sign that they’ve changed their minds, or are they just trying to drag down the competition?

People do use messaging in general for almost everything these days, and this is just proving that. With services like Apple Pay encouraging people to use their phones, it's not surprising that Facebook have made some way to integrate it into their own systems. Facebook have said themselves that they want people to never leave their apps and this means they don't have to even if they're buying something online.

The other feature that they've found is a mention of secret conversations. No one knows exactly what a secret conversation is going to be. Will it be one you can hide easily, a heavily encrypted conversation or something scary that you don't know about? We have no evidence at all apart from the fact what Facebook rival Telegram's secret conversations are just heavily encrypted messages so are they doing something similar? Probably?

We don't know when this will be released and Facebook still aren't commenting on these new changes but it'll be interesting to see what exactly they have planned. Everything Facebook are doing is really leading to Facebook taking over the mobile world but this is kind of suggesting we might need to start escaping our phones more often.

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