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#BlackWomensHistoryMonth Took Over Twitter This March

Women's History Month is celebrated every March in America and it's a time of year for celebrating the many great women in history who may have been pushed aside, or otherwise forgotten. The only problem was that the celebration mostly focused on white women, so this year activist and Twitter user kidnoble decided to spread some love the way of the great black women in history and then the tag - that existed before this year - exploded.

Reggie Cunningham who is known on Twitter as kidnoble started to use the tag on the first of March as a way of expanding on Black History Month. A single month in a year is really not a lot of time to focus on black or women's history so it does make sense to combine the two for once in the hope of encouraging more people to look into these women, even once March is over. It's a great idea and a really interesting tag to scroll through. Even if you just open up the linked articles from sites that you know and trust you can wind up finding some stuff out about some interesting women.

History is an important subject for everyone to learn, even if after a certain amount of school time; you can choose not to do it. By finding out about the past not only do we learn about the mistakes that we shouldn't repeat but also about the people we should admire and try to emulate. That is what Women's History Month and Black Women's History Month is about.

You might learn about a few famous white women and even fewer famous black women but you're never taught enough and these months are supposed to shift the focus on these people who deserve recognition too. So it's really not surprising that this tag has been flocked to by people wanting to share and learn more about these women. Though most of the focus is on the women that Cunningham himself shared, other people have joined in sharing the black women that they know about. This tag has been what has made Women’s History Month such a success this year and this has been a positive thing.

At this point in time the tag has pretty much slowed to a stop and the majority of people are talking about what a great month it has been. With all the negativity that seems to be spread around Twitter seeing tweets like this is always a bright relief.

Being both educational and positive for the black people of Twitter it's an interesting tag to explore, even if it does take some time to scroll through the links to articles. Cunningham had the right idea for this; he has shown how social media activism can help the world understand the past. Hopefully this month will have had a positive effect and people with a new found love of history have plenty of women to look into.

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