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#WryfieldLab Bring You Miracle #Anxiety Subsiding Videos


If you're a sufferer of chronic anxiety such as myself, then you know the internet is rife with apparent miracle cures and ways to help. Let's just start by saying that anxiety is not something that can be cured, it is something that can be dealt with and managed with it's side effects ranging from the everyday general nervousness or stress to the severe panic attacks and the absolute terror you can feel that prevents you from doing seemingly mundane things, such as leaving the house. There has however been a sudden attraction to a specific YouTube channel, who'd video's have an apparent calming effect.

The channel is called Wryfield Lab, and their channels plays host to a multitude of videos that are exclusively made for the sole purpose of ASMR; Autonomous sensory meridian response - 'a euphoric experience characterized by a static-like tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation' thanks Wikipedia, and 'Reverse Therapy' in which acts are filmed in a sort of slow motion. It says slow motion but I wouldn't really class it as such, and yeah you got it, they also reverse the footage.

Examples include a peeled orange being pieced back together again, a tomato being chopping (which is the one everyone seems to be loving), a previously filled in adult colouring book pattern being well, un-coloured and one that I've just found that 100% gave me the ASMR; a video in which pill packets holding vitamin D are repeatedly shaken around - here's a tip, close you're eyes when you listen to it.

The sensory experience these videos provide is unlike anything else, they simultaneously evoke feelings of pure unadulterated joy, drawing you into hypnotic sensations as well as calm you with waves of relaxation. As soon as I watched that pill video I had to send various excited WhatsAapp messages to my boyfriend.

I do have to note that not every single video will necessarily work on you. I watched a few and thought everyone that had written an article was simply jumping on the bandwagon without really witnessing the videos effects, so I urge you to search around and find a video you like. It's worth the effort. Some are more visually pleasing where as others are more sound orientated. Some will stress you out in the very beginning; the un-colouring one certainly did for me but I kept at it and after a while I found myself yawning as the happy inducing serotonin rushed through me.

Screenshot from Wryfield Labs Un colouring video

Dailydot have been privy to an interview with the creator, who stated that he actually finds the process of making the videos much more relaxing then the final product. "Actually, for me, the most relaxing thing about my videos is the process of creating them. Filming, editing - the whole process makes me happy. I love and enjoy what I do" It's not hard to see why these videos have taken off and attracted such a following, the creators very essence and passion  for what he does, at the risk of sounding like an enlightened hippie, saturate the videos and pour out into the viewers, allowing them temporary relief from their unwanted negative feelings and their physical predicaments.

Robyn is a self-proclaimed book nerd/punk goddess. She has always had an adoration for writing and is hoping to find her feet in this creative and intrinsically exciting career path. She may only be an intern but don't underestimate this girl. Follow her @Songbird_Robyn

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