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Like Putting #Food on Camera? #Nom is the Video Service for You

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Food is something that most people love all over the world. It's something that can change with cultures whilst being something that we need and we don't mind sharing. Millions of people every day watch cooking shows or tutorials online, just as many people if not more are looking up recipes every day but yet, even with the popularity of foodporn on Instagram, there has yet to be a social media that really focuses on that love. Now that has changed with the creation of Nom by Youtube co-founder Steve Chen and former Youtube engineering lead Vijay Karunamurthy.

Unlike YouTube this new service focuses on live video. You cannot easily upload pre-recorded videos and those who have did it through separate services like Flipagram. Though this does seem kind of weird, it is to make the site and app more social. It seems boring to cook for the camera and not know if anyone is watching or not because they might not comment.

On live video with a service like this then you don’t have to worry about waiting as the comments are rolling in whilst you record. There are also emojis you can use to share your opinions like on Periscope such as a thumbs up, a heart and an LOL. Some people have already been employing these emojis as polls, asking people to vote on an extra ingredient or some other type of choice. Due to this the next update of Nom should now include a polling action which is something the creators hadn't thought about previously.

The upcoming nomcasts are clearly displayed on the front page with the date and time of the stream and a countdown so you can set an alarm to remind yourself to watch it.

As well as live video, people can share pictures and gifs with a little bit of information. Most people use this as a chance to share pictures of their food or restaurant and others use it as a chance to preview the food they'll be making in their videos. People can also comment on these pictures but some of these comments seem to be complaining about video content. The app has only been around for a week though, so it still has an excuse for maybe being a little buggy and it has time to refine itself. Their user base appears to still be quite small but it it's definitely growing.

There will be some big names popping up on the app, celebrity chefs who have already agreed to use it and will probably do live broadcasts of some of their more popular meals. They're also hoping to broadcast big events in the foodie calendar such as the listing of the nominees for the James Beard awards.

Nom is quite possibly an app and social media service to keep an eye on if you love food. It's probably not a service you can browse if you don't want to get hungry but it's a great place for aspiring chefs and the like to interact and share their favourite foods and recipes.

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