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#SongbirdStories - The Rest from the Nest of #SocialMedia

Another week has passed us by and it has been a long and busy one. That's not to say that every story has to take up a few paragraphs though and there are plenty of them that we wished we'd had time to talk about. Here's a selection of them.

Social Media "Artist" Trolling Requesters With Hilarious Photo Edits

James Fridman has popped up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with accounts where he has been accepting requests to modify the images users send him. The requests generally tend to be to make the requesters to look cooler than they are, and it's had some hilarious outcomes, including a photo where the requester has been cut out so he can be on a beach in Miami, a woman who was cut out of a photo because she wanted an overweight woman near her cut out and my personal favourite, a picture where the woman they wanted cut out was cut out...and pasted in a photo with the artist saying he'd taken her out. At this point I'm assuming these people are expecting their pictures to be posted as a joke and I hope he keeps at it.

Pope to Have Own Instagram Account

Pope Francis is known to be a fan of social media and his Twitter account is a testament to that. Now he's joining Instagram on March 19th. His username is going to be Franciscus so if you're interested, then follow him. This should hopefully prevent more fake accounts from going online as well as discourage people from posting fake selfies with him. Pope Francis also met with the Instagram founder recently and they discussed how much good photo sharing can do for society so I think we're in for a positive account.

Twitter Users Are Sceptical Of Sea World

Unsurprisingly users on Twitter were not happy after finding out that Sea World has decided to end their Orca breeding program. What should have been good news was turned upside down when it was revealed that Tilikum, the whale featured in Blackfish, is dying. Many people on the service feel that Sea World is just trying to prevent another PR nightmare once he's gone. Let's hope it's not just for that reasoning and actually because they care about the whales.

Lewis Hamilton Gets In Trouble After Motorbike Snapchat

It's probably not a good idea to share something that's technically illegal on social media like using your phone while driving. Lewis Hamilton is being investigated by the police in New Zealand for posting a video on Snapchat of him driving a Harley Davidson. Apparently there isn't enough evidence to say he was committing a crime but it was a pretty risky thing to do on a road. Don't Snapchat and drive, kids.

GIFS Sent On Tinder Tend To Get A Better Response

Since the introduction of GIFs to Tinder back in January, it's been found that people are more likely to respond to a GIF then they are the standard hello or emoji. It's no surprise because a GIF can show more about the match's personality than anything standard can. Around 20 million GIFs have been sent on Tinder so far and I expect that number is bound to double with this news.

You Can Now Play Basketball In Messenger

Messenger users rejoice, there's now another game you can play in app! Provided you have the latest Messenger update, if you send yourself or someone else a basketball emoji then you can play a game. Once it's sent, just tap on the basketball and you can swipe the ball into a hoop. The counter restarts if you miss and if you're playing against someone else then you'll both get a message saying who scored the highest. So get out there and play that game! Everyone in this office is.

YouTube Began as a Dating Site

You know those terrible dating videos that you see mentioned in old TV shows sometimes? Those videos where someone awkwardly describes themselves and what they're looking for in a potential partner? Well, YouTube was originally to be a site where people posted such videos to find someone to date. After a week the service had no interest or videos though so they instead allowed users to upload any videos. And that was pretty much the greatest decision they ever made. This little factoid was announced at the same time Steve Chen announced his new video service, Nom.

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