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#Twitter Has Changed its Timeline Algorithm and People are not Happy

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Uh oh, it looks like even after the whole #RIPTwitter controversy last month Twitter have not listened and users time lines have now changed from a chronological feed to showing you the posts Twitter thinks you'll like most first. This change has been made the same week as Instagram changed their feed and it seems unlikely that it wasn't on purpose.

It's a shame really because after the uproar Jack Dorsey said that Twitter's chronological feed is what made it special. He also tweeted that the changes to the timeline were not to be implemented the next week and had never planned to be. His words would have calmed some users, but now it's obvious that Dorsey purely meant that they wouldn't be introducing the implemented changes that month and have brought them in now instead without a fanfare.

Originally this feature was something you could opt into so you only had to try it out if you wanted to but now the update has rolled out to everyone. Twitter quietly changed their FAQ around the same time to now say that if you want the chronological timeline you have to opt out. Not a smart idea when a lot of people will leave rather than have to bother with doing that.

Interestingly enough, not a lot of people have actually noticed but those who have did complain. This does suggest that maybe it wasn't as big of a problem as people thought it would be. I personally didn't notice until I started writing this and then I had to go through and actually read when the tweets in my timeline were published to confirm it. So this might not be the end of Twitter for now but a lot of people are going to become upset once they've noticed and not just because they don't like the change.

The fact is that Jack Dorsey reassured people that they didn't have to worry about this change and then they've still made it. If users had been warned in advance that this change would be happening when it did then it wouldn't be so bad. Yes, more people would have been complaining from the off but it would have seemed a lot less like lying. Personally I don't have a problem with the actual change now I've noticed it but I'm not happy that it was kept so quiet.

Do you like or hate the new timeline? If you want to share your opinion, leave a comment down below.

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