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#Bogata #Romania - Made Famous by a @SnoopDogg #Instagram Mistake

If you don't already follow Snoop Dogg on Instagram, it might be time to rethink your life slightly. His posts are almost ceaselessly entertaining, but 4 days ago he soared to dizzying new heights of amusement, and he didn't even mean to. During the week Snoop went to Columbia, specifically Bogotá, presumably to catch some sun and smoke a different kind of weed for a few days.

In between sessions, he took the time to tag his location, but he made a bit of an error, and tagged himself in a small Romanian village called Bogata. As soon as he made the error, the predictable jokes started rolling in, all marching to the familiar tune of 'man who is openly enthusiastic about weed made a mistake because he smoked too much weed'. Ha ha, ho ho, he he. Screw you, internet.

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That's not the end of the story, though. The residents of the kindly township of Bogata soon caught wind of Snoop's mistaken imaginary visit to their fine settlement, and made the rather wise decision to capitalise on it. Not days after the post, visitbogata.com suddenly emerged from the long grass of the internet like an excitable Sandshrew. The site dubs the town 'The Best Place for Chillin' in Romania', and offers a huge amount of legitimately useful travel information, including local cuisine, where to stay and beauty spots in the surrounding area.

Considering how quickly it was set up, it's a lovely site, well designed and full of great photographs of what proves to be an utterly gorgeous Eastern European town. I'm not even kidding when I say I'll probably pay them a visit if I ever go to Romania. I'm kind of hoping all the residents are blasting 'Gin and Juice' out of their bedroom windows at the moment. In truth though, most of them probably have no idea who the guy is, it's pretty remote, and reportedly this news hasn't done much to shake life up in the region.

Still though, the site is so slick that it may well draw more people into passing through. It was set up by a local media agency, Kinecto, and one of their representative spoke to the Balkan Insider about it, saying that "We just wanted to show that if you check into a place in Romania, even by mistake, for sure you can find something special there. Bogata is one of the many wonderful places here."

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