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Want to Cash In on Instagram? Become a Grammster for Netflix

Instagram and Netflix might sound like an unusual partnership, one of them wants you to supply still pictures, the other supplies moving pictures to you, but the wildly popular streaming service are using Instagram to further a new, fascinating promotional venture, and if you're an avid user of the app, you might be just the person they're looking for.

A 'Grammster' might sound like a domestic rodent which is used to smuggle small quantities of cocaine through border checks, but now it's the moniker Netflix are using for their proposed armada of Instagram photojournalists. Grammsters will be selected through the platform by posting their best 3 photos and hashtagging them with #grammsters3. The contest started on the 19th of February and runs until the end of the week (Sunday the 6th of March). By the 11th, 25 finalists will have been selected, and by the 29th that number will have been whittled down to 4 through Skype interviews and other application processes.

Those 4 will then take on their duties, visiting film and TV sets and taking photos which will be used to promote both the material in question and Netflix at large. Oh, and did I mention that they will each get paid $4,000 for 2 weeks of work? The only stipulations going in are that you must be over 21 and have a private or 'protected' Instagram account, follower count or general post popularity don't seem to matter.

This is far from unique in nature, but it's the first campaign of this type that Netflix have ever committed to, seemingly they're trying to further their reputation as a production house, as well as a streaming service. They've been making shows and films as well as hosting them for some time now, but until recently it wasn't necessarily common knowledge. They recently premiered a sequel to Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on the service, which turned a lot of heads (and attracted the ire of several cinema chains).

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