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Facebook Continue to Push the 'Facebook at Work' Service

At the moment using Facebook at work isn't exactly a popular thing. You're not supposed to be on your personal accounts and very few businesses require you to actually use social media but that's something Facebook hope to change.

Facebook at Work is being tested by 450 companies as of March 2nd. It's a separate version of Facebook that's only to be used for work related things. At the moment it essentially works how Facebook works normally with a news feed and chat functions. You can assume they've scrapped the games but have kept the events section and so on. Basically it's just a Facebook that you only talk to people from your work place on to make contact easier during the work day.

According the information they have so far, offices that use Facebook at Work tend to send less internal emails. There isn't need for them if you have a chat set up, any documents can be sent privately through that and the inbox can be kept for emails from customers or out of office contacts. This practical approach means you don't need to have five different inboxes for different email but the problem is that you trust everything to be sent through Facebook. It's been shown recently how easily their messages can be looked into and hacked so unless they've improved the security, some companies would still have to stick to internal email for privacy reasons.

This isn't all Facebook have planned for their work system though. They plan on integrating their system with Microsoft Office and other programs that would allow staff to work together on these documents through Facebook. At the moment you need a lot of set up to be able to remotely access a document like that and it can be easier to just go over to the other desk and see what they're doing. But sometimes you need to be working on more than one thing on your computer and the other person needs to be working on it and something else too and this would make that more practical. Facebook have a long way to go before they can test that but it's on the cards.

The biggest problem is that most IT departments are reluctant to install and learn new software when what they already have works well. That's fair enough, especially during the early stages of something like this. You want to see all the benefits and all the issues ironed out as much as possible before you decide to try it. This will probably change slowly, Facebook know how to sell their services and people are already so used to using Facebook that it’s an obvious switch.

As it is Facebook at Work is still in the early stages so you probably won't be hearing too much more about it for a little while, but this is definitely one way that Facebook can take over a new market.

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