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The Mystery 'Plus' of Instagram Prompts Update Speculation

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A few Instagram users on iOS have reported a mysterious plus button appearing underneath their photos. When they tapped on the symbol it loaded a photo uploading screen but when they clicked the photos, nothing happened. The button wasn't there for long and another update quickly got rid of the button and as Instagram haven't issued a statement, we're still waiting to see what exactly it was.

One of the speculations is that it'll allow users to add multiple photos into one like an ad carousel. This would be useful because it means you could have connected images in one post rather than a load of different photos. For instance a teenage girl spends time shooting photos with her best friend, she wants to share them all but doesn't want to clog up her Instagram as then people will have to load to see more. What's a girl to do? The carousel feature would allow people to upload similar photos and not clog up the feeds of people who are following them. The same could be used for users who are promoting a product, they could have all the photos on one page and people could look through to see what it does or how it looks.

The other theory is something that at the moment people have to use third party apps for. People think that the plus could be there so people can re-post other people's photos. Though this could be an issue when it comes to theft, it does mean that chain photos that show support etc could be posted easier. If it's something people are going out of the official app to do then it makes sense that Instagram would eventually introduce the feature to the native app. People have been wondering for a while why they don't have an option like this so it would probably be a good decision.

The other suggestion is that only advertisers should be able to see the plus and it was accidentally rolled out to everyone. This one seems unlikely and it's more likely they accidentally rolled out a new feature that they're currently testing. What it is we won't be able to work out until the next time they roll it out to a few people so keep an eye out and see if next time you can actually use the button.

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