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Vine Stars Asking Twitter to Pay Compensation for Video Content

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With the rising fame of many Vine stars it's kind of a surprise that none of them are getting paid for their work at this moment in time. YouTube stars and people who post content on Facebook are already getting some form of compensation for their content and since Jack Dorsey has supposedly been offering bonuses to get staff to stay, it makes sense that they'd ask for something.

You can assume that this scheme would run along the same lines as other social media compensation schemes. Not every user will get paid but some will start to build up brands for themselves and will get money to advertise and keep releasing content regularly. It works pretty much the same way for any sort of system where you'll show off or review something for the sake of getting paid. The only problem is that Vines are very short and it might be a little more difficult to come up with things that Twitter will consider worth paying for. However when you think about how widely Vines spread, not just on their service but onto other social media, you can see that it is worth looking into.

The Viners themselves asked for a meeting to discuss compensation but nothing seems to have come out of it yet. No one is angry or upset that no money has been spent so far, they just want to work something out. It's fair enough, Vine is one of the services that are going to keep Twitter in business for years to come and if they're going to have regular Vine stars spending time and possibly money on making the best content, it would only make sense that they would compensate them.

It's hard to say whether Twitter will give in on this matter or not. It would make sense and could actually help them right about now. If Twitter is going to continue to do things that are upsetting their main user base then they need to start pleasing users of the other apps like Vine and Periscope more. Twitter are willing to pay bonuses to keep staff that they consider talented, so it would make sense to hang on to the talent pool on Vine if they want to appeal to their growing follower counts as well.

In the end it is down to Twitter and how much money they actually have to put into Vine but if they don’t want to lose their users to other services like YouTube, they better get listening.

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