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A Woman's T-Shirt Sends #Facebook into a Storm of #Feminist Hatred

Feminism unfortunately always seems to be a risky subject to write or talk about, it's usually a catalyst for a very strong and emotionally driven opinion which as we know causes conflict. WHY? Why does this social issue and movement cause so much unnecessary angst? I mean, I can get why some women fight passionately for this cause - hello, they have the history behind them rife with evidence as to why they still have to fight but men... Why does it call for you to react with such hate? Is it really that horrible that women want to be equal with you? Because that's what feminism is my friends, the desire to be equal and not be seen as the lesser sex anymore.

Yes there are extreme feminists that have a vendetta against men, but they certainly don't speak for the majority. Personally I think female rights have come a very long way and I'm generally happy with how I'm treated in society today, the men in my life don't hold themselves to a misogynistic set of norms and values (thank God), but this article isn't about me. It's about one anonymous lady that had an innocent photo taken of her that lead to a storm of disgusting and abuse-filled comments.

On March the 8th the photo above of a women who wishes to not be named was taken on international women's day in Bangkok, Thailand. For the gathering she wore said T-shirt. The photo was later posted to the Facebook group 'Everything Bangkok' which has an audience of individuals living outsider their native home in Thailand. It rapidly grabbed attention along with a hoard of negative comments. I think showing what vile message were left will have more of an impact.

As you can see viewers, these men that have commented are so beyond idiotic that I can't actually quite believe it. Insinuating that domestic violence is cool because she's a feminist is downright despicable. Also, arguing that this woman just wants guys to think she is a feminist is so brainless that you just have to laugh, um dude, guys don't really tend to support feminism, its all about the females so why on earth would she want you to think shes a feminist? And then there's the last guy. I'm not even going to go into what I think that statistic tells me because that would make me just as much of a judgmental and awful person as you, you... Egg.

Why do these men think it's acceptable to tear down, ridicule and downright degrade this woman just because she's wearing a T-shirt that addresses a social issue they dislike. It's honestly  proving just why women need feminism. Well done select few of the male species, you have shot yourself smack bang in the proverbial foot.

There was another backlash to this horrific website, and that's the response into BuzzFeed's community section. A group called Bangkok rising shared images and experiences of why they are fighting for gender equality in Thailand. They have had a huge support, with men including themselves in the 'I RISE' campaign, which is a humbling and spectacular thing to see. Thank you,  you're the real MVP's (most valuable players).


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