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New Social App 'GALAXIA' is Set to Change the Game

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There's a new social app in town that launched yesterday intriguingly titled GALAXIA. It boasts a relatively big celebrity backing; such as the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim but has left many people scratching their heads and questioning, what exactly is it?

In a statement when asked about his new baby, Moshe Hogeg, the founder explained, "I believe that the social game is far from being over and there's always room to innovate. Galaxia is a mix of messaging groups and social networks that enables a more natural social experience by offering users a complete freedom of expression in all their worlds." "We're trying to build a platform that will allow us to be who we want to be, in each context. It's not about wearing masks it's about taking them off; By keeping the contextual separation, Galaxia actually simulates our day to day behavior, as the platform allows users to fully explore the spectrum of possibilities in identity and interest."

If you are as confused as I initially was then allow me to be of some assistance. Moshe understands that our personality is divided into various segments if you will. Essentially, we show different fragments of our personality and identity depending on who we're with, our environment and how we're feeling at a time. However traditional social media doesn't cater for this; you have to post your content to a wider and less focused audience. Galaxia allows you to join or even create your own 'world.' A 'world' is a social stream that has specific content. To simplify that even further; one world's stream may be content only regarding vegan food. Only those who like vegan food or are interested in seeing the stream can join and post their images, articles, videos and comments. Thus creating a 'world' full of users interacting about something they all have in common, where they are free to post what they like. You can also create your own personal worlds, full of content that you only share with say, your family. I hope I'm explaining this simply enough, it is hard to get your head around the terminology initially.

Moshe wants us as users to explore the different fragments of our identities under a shield of anonymity, meaning that those that are in one of your worlds can't necessarily see your content in another world, allowing you to keep that aspect of yourself private. This comes in handy if you have a 'world' that all of your family post in, but are also part of a 'world' that is specific for perhaps a risky subject such as messy nights out with your friends (Did I say the word world too much?). Essentially, this app appears to be like a perfect mixture of Tumblr and Facebook messenger.

I find the whole idea of it to be so enigmatic and oddly charming. If you have a look at the website's 'inspiration zone' it seduces the dark side of us and tempts us to reveal ourselves. I expect big things from this social media app and I'm more than a little excited to delve into the depths of it all.

galaxia.co - from their inspiration zone

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