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Google Destinations Just Made Travel Planning a Breeze

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Planning a trip is a notorious ball ache. You have hundred of tabs open, scour thousands of reviews and with the excitement you once felt slowly dissipating it reduces you to an angry blob of jelly by the end of it all. 'Por que?!' I hear you scream as you chug back your 5th coffee.

Well traveling ladies and gents, Google might just be your new best friend. You're so welcome for finding out about it.

All you need to use this amazing travel cheat sheet is the Google app on Apple or Android. You pop it open and type in the search bar the name of the place you want to go, lets say for a lark; Costa Rica, and the word destination to follow. It then shows you specific towns and areas to visit, along with a little description of what they have to offer. In the search I've just done for Costa Rica examples would be: Monteverde - cloud forest, wildlife & adventure sport. If perhaps you're looking for something more tranquil, the description tends to list traits such as honeymoon or beaches. Speaking of beaches look at this breath taking place, what I'd do to go there.. Okay sorry, let me get back on track.


You then click on the town or region you like the sound of most - another screen replaces the original with a more in depth description of your selected location, ranging from the history and what its renowned for. It then has tabs to choose from to find your flights, hotels; it also says the average price of a 3* as well as a tab that will link onto restaurants.

Further down it informs you of when the peak travel time is, what the climate is like and the page also comes complete with a selection of short videos that have been uploaded by Google users. My favorite and probably most time saving feature is on most but not all of the selections. This, I don't know what to call it, it's not an app, this page - also informs you of the top sights with their average star rating. Researching and endlessly typing in 'fun things to do in..' 'cool things to do in...' is the bane of any travelers life; provided you don't just want a relaxing holiday in which you lay on a beach and get gorgeously tanned.

Basically, without trying to exaggerate, this secret tool is God/Google's gift to us. It has every single piece on information you could possibly need, available to you with just a little bit of typing (to type the place in) and 5 clicks at most, also a few slidey techniques are used but that's actually fun, sliding a slidey thing is one of those things that i think appeals to our inner childhoods.

This means a whole new meaning to planning a trip, it provides us with an amazingly quick and simple search tool and the ability to plan our sporadic trip away with the girls, 5 minutes after squealing about it in Costa. Or gentlemen, if you're lucky lady has spoken about some far away mystical land that she'd dying to visit, you don't have to sneak around on the laptop and be weird to surprise her, you can plan it on your work lunch break.

The above video can show you better then I can tell you, but I urge you to seriously check this out. Its amazing, I just spent a good hour on it while I was procrastinating (don't tell my boss, we all do it shh) (EDITOR NOTE: Probably better not to admit that when someone else looks at your work before it goes live).

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