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Facebook and Twitter Clash Over the Live TV Streaming Market

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Are you a fan of watching TV online? Do you like sharing what you're watching on Facebook and Twitter? Well the social media services are hoping to combine the two by getting the rights to stream more live TV. Facebook have already confirmed that they're bidding for NFL rights, but the New York Times have reported that they aren't stopping there.

It's likely that, at least in the beginning, these streams will be focused on sports matches and award shows. Those are the streams that tend to get the most viewers and will have many different companies vying for the rights. The fact is that Facebook are behind Twitter when it comes to people "live-blogging" things they're watching, whether they're streaming it or not. It's easier and less annoying to keep up a steady stream on Twitter then it is Facebook.

Facebook have their Live and Sports Stadium sections, and they clearly plan on expanding both. However, to do that they actually need users to want to check them out during sports matches. At the moment, Twitter is still more popular and clearly this is another attempt by Facebook to beat Twitter back. They've been talking to several different programmers, but have confirmed nothing else yet. They could possibly think about creating a few different channels on the site to make it even easier to watch and, presumably, chat while you do.

Twitter on the other hand haven’t been confirmed as having bid for anything in particular. They've apparently been saying that they can get younger viewers for the TV networks easily by streaming their shows, but is it really that simple? I don't know many teenagers who'd be willing to switch from live streaming a TV show to watching it on TV if they weren't going to watch it on there in the first place. 

Live streams are usually populated by people who can't watch it on TV at that time, because they don't have access to that channel or a TV, because they aren't in the country that airs it and so on. Twitter would be better of finding a different way to sell it, using Periscope and the live tweeting people tend to do with big episodes are on TV.

Either way, it seems unlikely that either social media service would really be bringing in the money the way the programmers want it. The money would be more going to the social media then the TV companies and that's not what they want. That's not to say neither service will not get anything but it seems unlikely that these streams will become as big as they might like.

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