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Tinder is Cracking the Indian Market

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With the row going on between Facebook and India it's strange to think that a dating app could be getting so popular and becoming such press in the same country. But that seems to be the case with Tinder becoming a big thing in India.

Last month Tinder opened their first international office in Delhi before appointing an Indian head of brand. For those who don't know, Tinder was first introduced into the country in 2013 and three years later 7.5 million of the service's daily swipes come from India. The third largest economy in Asia, India is very much an up and coming country where the young people are very mobile and very big on social networks. Indian users also tend to have the longest conversations via the messenger suggesting people there might be using it to date more rather than hook up.

The idea of having an office in Delhi is to help localise the service. If the company know what users are using the app for then they can improve the experience. Of course, one of the first things their Indian head had to do was marketing and for that they partnered with The Viral Fever (TVF) who happened to be one of India's most popular online entertainment companies. They recorded a video called Eat, Pray, Swipe which featured a man and a woman both using Tinder for the first time. Rather than just showing them using the app, they showed a bar setting where the character's profile information would come up through them to swipe though. However one of the first things they did was focus on stereotypes and problems people have with the service. A woman who photoshops her pictures, group shots and even skimming over a woman and dubbing her a feminazi, something I noticed was common in these Indian Tinder videos. Of course, two dates later, a woman his mate had jokingly swiped right on super liked him even as he thought about changing his profile to say he wasn't a coder. So, in the end it all works out for him in a humorous way. The video was teased on Indian users Tinder accounts and many of them may have felt that the videos matched their experiences.

DISCLAIMER: This video contains infrequent strong language.

Of course this isn't the only Indian Tinder video on Youtube and they all seem to focus on the sorts of reactions you give and the dates you get, mostly the bad ones. There is some entertainment in that and the reason they might be so popular is that they mimic what people have been seeing on TV for years. This modern generation is getting the chance to experience these things and they're obviously not taking them too seriously.

This is only the beginning of the Indian marketing of Tinder. The L.A based company are hoping to one day make India their biggest market and they'll have a lot to do to encourage that, even with the high usage of the app already. I guess we'll see in another year if it worked.

Rosina Brooker

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