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Distrust in Facebook Grows over Colonialism Comment about India

When India shut down Facebook's Free Basics scheme there was bound to be some upset within the company and it was expected that people would talk about it. What wasn't expected was that Marc Andreessen, a member of the board since the early days of Facebook, would then go on Twitter and say the reason the Indians didn't accept it was because they were afraid of colonialism.

India was a British colony for a long time and it's not surprising that in this modern day and age they wouldn't be okay with the idea. As a country we did very little for India but we did wind up using a lot of their resources and harming a lot of their people for our own desires and wars. It wasn't a good situation for them so when they became independent in 1947 I'm sure they wanted to keep it that way. And unfortunately some people didn't like the Free Basics scheme because they were scared of something like colonialism.

Facebook is a huge company that has a lot of money and power, one day they may even be the biggest company in technology if not the world. For India to accept the Free Basics scheme they would be giving them even more power as then Facebook would be the social media service getting the most money in India. The free internet scheme would do nothing for other social media sites and in a way it could have had a negative effect on the Indian community as a whole unless Facebook widened what that free internet service could provide. As much as Mark Zuckerberg himself might try to be accepting and respectful to other nations, it's already hard enough to trust Facebook when you know how much information they collect and you remember the fact they sometimes experiment on their users without permission. The fear may be unwarranted in this case but it's one you can still understand.

Andreessen's tweets may not have been the company's opinions as a whole but they were still very telling. If someone can unthinkingly share a comment like that with the world then should you really trust a company that he has a semblance of control over? I wouldn't want to. Andreessen has since apologised and Zuckerberg himself has commented on the matter but it is still a little worrying. It seems even less likely that Facebook are ever going to be able to work things out with India now but at least Zuckerberg himself is trying.

Rosina Brooker

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