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Are Dating Apps Becoming Too Niche?

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Dating apps are one of the most popular ways to find dates and hook ups right now and with so many apps out there, it can be hard to find one that's right for you. But it seems like the problem with finding where you fit is that people can be pigeon-holed into groups. Sometimes it makes sense to have a niche dating app, for instance if you're religious and looking for a long term relationship, it might be important to you to be with someone of the same religion. Dating apps that specialise in finding same sex partners or polyamorous relationships also make sense for obvious reasons; you want to find someone interested in the same sort of relationship as you.

Not all specialist dating apps make sense though. I mean, clearly if you're a young professional then you're only going to want to date another professional, or if you have a beard you're going to want to date someone who likes to stroke them. It's completely odd and takes away some of the diversity of dating. I will say however right here and now that most of the more popular dating apps and services are not necessarily pigeon holing. A lot of them will find matches for you using friends of friends or in one case from people that walk past you. Some apps allow people the opportunity to be specific within the diversity though like Scruff, the gay dating app that prides itself on having men that could be considered masculine jocks or guys next door to the usual twinks and bears. But the issue some people have with it is that people can specify the race of people they're looking for though they would encourage their users to look at all the men. They point out they also let people be specific about the amount of body hair they're comfortable with as well but it's in no way the same. Still, the app itself is generally one of the more diverse ones and well, what guy doesn't want to be able to say they woofed at someone they liked?

Writing this article I have found that there are a lot of niche apps and services out there like Farmers Only which is a dating site for Americans living in the countryside or Tat Chat which is a social networking app and gallery for people with tattoos that's often used as a dating app but they're not as easy to track down as you think. It looks like if you want to find something specific then you have to search for it so why does it feel that so many of these apps are trying to pigeon hole us? The answer is because more and more are being made, even if they aren't heavily advertised. There was even a dating app for bacon lovers called Sizzl in America that was created by the Oscar Mayer Company. While it does make sense for some services to be specific, others either look to be jokes, marketing scams or in some cases are just because people feel the desire to have weirdly picky things in common. I know that when you meet someone in real life, you're more likely to go on a date with someone you have at least one thing in common with but this can get a little depressing and ridiculous.

There are plenty of open and diverse apps out there that you should probably have a play around with first before you decide to narrow your field of view, but niche apps will keep popping up over and over again, even if they have so few members that they're not worth joining. It doesn't matter if you're a salad lover or a tall person looking for someone who matches you're height, there will be something out there especially for you. Just don't expect to meet Mr or Miss Right on them if you can't find them on a more diverse service where the perfect person could be completely unexpected.

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