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Facebook are Automatically Closed Captioning Adverts

Facebook are hoping to encourage more businesses to buy video ads on their website with a few new tools being implemented for use with such ads. One of these tools will allow the advert to be closed captioned without having to type everything in themselves.

In the past if people wanted their Facebook adverts to have subtitles then they had to create them and upload the file themselves. The new system they've put in has already created closed captions for over 50,000 video ads which the businesses can choose to show or not. The new service would transcribe the video into the closed captions which would then be sent to the page runner through the mobile advertising service to be approved. Any changes that need to be made can be fixed and once they're perfect, the ad will run with them automatically.

But why bother with closed captions? It's been mentioned more than once by many people that most people access the internet on their phones now while they're out and about. If someone is checking Facebook on their phone and suddenly an advert starts playing with sound then they're going to be annoyed. No one wants to hear someone else's phone in public unless it's someone's ringtone going off. Adverts that are going to watched on a phone need to come with closed captions if people are going to have a clue what is going on.

Even if a business can sell their product in adverts without closed captions then Facebook are reminding businesses that there are other things they need to do. For instance you need to get your brand and a basic view of your product out in the first three seconds. That is all most people will see before they move on. Now, if you can grab people's attentions within those three seconds then about 65% of viewers will watch the first ten seconds and the number goes down again to 45% for the full 30 seconds. So it's important to be able to capture people’s interest quickly and to preferably do it without sound. If you do need sound to make your advert work then use good imagery or closed captions only for the first three seconds. If your advert makes someone curious enough then they might come back to the advert later with earphones so they can hear it.

What Facebook is now trying to get across is that these video ads are not TV ads and they need to work in a different way. We've already seen how they can do this on Instagram and Facebook should work in a similar way. This is going to introduce both users and businesses to a new wave of advertising that Facebook are hoping that we can't ignore.

Rosina Brooker

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