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LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Responds to Share Price Nosedive

A couple of weeks back, LinkedIn very suddenly felt Twitter's pain as their own share price dropped by over 40%, prompting concern among shareholders and investors over the future of the company. Continued investment in new products and services led to the company posting a loss of $8.4 million and this, coupled with weak sales forecasts, dealt a massive blow to the company's standing on the stock market, with Mashable reporting an overnight drop of $10 billion from their market cap.

Not one to be deterred however, CEO Jeff Weiner, speaking to his staff and sharing the video to LinkedIn's SlideShare platform, confidently asserted the company's position, re-affirming where they stand, their mission and why, he believes, they are more than prepared to not only bounce back, but to thrive in the shifting economic climate.

Weiner naturally began by addressing the concerns raised by the earnings announcement and resulting fall in stock prices, stating:

"We are the same company we were the day before our earnings announcement. I'm the same CEO I was the day before our earnings announcement. You're the same team you were the day before our earnings announcement. Most importantly, we have the same mission, vision and sense of purpose in terms of our ability to create economic opportunity. None of that has changed. It hasn't changed one iota." 

He then goes on to discuss what has been dubbed "the fourth industrial revolution" and LinkedIn's own role within it. Seemingly confident about LinkedIn's prospects and undaunted by the losses, Weiner called upon his employees to largely ignore the share price and focus instead on the companies mission, before attempting to clarify the role he sees LinkedIn's service playing in the future:

“We’ve been talking now for at least several years about the fact that the creation of economic opportunity and increasing socio-economic stratification will be the defining issue of our time, and there is no company, anywhere is the world, better positioned to help individuals, the people they care about, the people that work for them, to navigate these uncertain times, these increasingly uncertain economic times. That’s the role that we play and that has not changed.”

Only time will tell whether or not Weiner's confidence is misplaced but, in my humble opinion, it'll likely take more than one bad earnings report to kill off the service for good.

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