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Snapchat to Allow Users to Subscribe to Favourite Discover Channels

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Anyone who has used Snapchat since the Discover section was rolled out knows that it's a pretty cool little feature. It allows you to get some of the bigger news stories from your favourite publishers in a neat little package. Each story gets it's one little page that may include photos, gifs and video as well as a little bit of text that you can swipe through. There's a variety of different publishers to choose from but wouldn't it be easier if you could get to your favourite publishers just a few swipes quicker?

Snapchat plan to allow users to subscribe to these favourite publishers this year. A subscription means that rather than having to swipe through to the Discover screen, the publisher would be listed on your stories page. Having these publishers on the stories page could mean that you'll get a push notification whenever the section is updated so you'll never have to miss a news story. This is a good thing because in my experience users only check the discover tab once a day so there isn't a need for publishers to update it too regularly. This could change that because the more they update the Snapchat feature during the day, the more they could draw traffic to both it and it's other services like their website and other social media. In turn they could possibly use other social media to advertise that people should subscribe to their Snapchat feature with some sort of preview of what to expect.

There isn't much known about this feature so far though and if it does get rolled out then it'll be around May time. Nothing has been set in stone though so if enough publishers complained; it is possible that they wouldn't go through with the update.

Something else Snapchat are thinking of changing with their Discover feature is the icons. The round icons would become rectangular and would change daily to highlight what you could see from the publisher that day. They hope this will make the Discover feature more visual, which could in turn help make the different publishers appeal to even more users. More of a variety of users clicking onto the different publications would be good for both Snapchat and the businesses themselves so this is largely being seen as a good thing for everyone.

Snapchat are clearly aware of what they can do for the modern world of journalism and this is only the next step.

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