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Instagram's Updates Are Somewhat Hit and Miss

Two weeks ago Instagram rolled out the beta for multiple account access on iOS phones. This meant that if you had a business or shared account, you could be signed into that as well as your personal one. But now it seems like there is a bug in the system and this information is arising just as they announce a new feature for the service.

The problem with mobile apps and shared accounts can be notifications. Most of the time the issue is likely to be that only one person was notified or that a notification wasn't sent. These are regular frustrations people have with social media services. But Instagram seem to have a bigger problem and that is that if you have a personal account on the side of your shared account, the other person using the account may get your personal notifications instead. This means that if someone comments or likes one of your personal photos, the other person will know. While that's a little irritating it's not too bad. What the real problem is that they get notified of your DM's too and let's face it; a direct message is just another way to say a private message so they could find out something that you do not want shared. Again, it might just be a little irritating in the case of some messages but it is a real problem when it comes to privacy.

Instagram are trying to fix that problem at the moment but it's suggested that for now at least, you don't log into your shared accounts on mobile unless it's the only account you want to be logged in on.

Meanwhile in another part of the Instagram offices, the staff is introducing video views as well. These video views are to encourage brands to post more adverts and things exclusively to their Instagram accounts. The thought is that if people can see how many views their video is getting, they'll be more encouraged to share and will know what works and what doesn't. It also means that brands can see how their products are being advertised by people being paid to endorse them as they won't be reliant on what statistics they choose to share, they'll be able to see how many views a video has by just opening it up.

Seeing as its early days it's hard to say whether this will actually allow them to grab users from under Youtube's nose but that's what Instagram are hoping for. Let's just hope they don't manage to mess up a video view counter as badly as they have multiple account access.

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