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Twitter Users Don't Have To Worry About 'Stolen'

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Two weeks ago we reported on a new app to hit the iOS store. At the time there wasn't much out there on Stolen and it was an incredibly strange concept to be writing about. The chance to buy and sell your friends and celebrities' Twitter accounts can seem like a fun idea but it also wound up causing a lot more trouble than it was worth.

Still, how quickly this app has shut down is very strange. It was only last week  that everyone was tweeting about how pleased they were with the new update. It didn't look as if they had plans on pulling it from the store any time soon even with the complaints they were receiving but it seems as if complainers won after all.

The problem with an app like Stolen is that it doesn't ask your permission before people can buy, sell, or steal you. You possibly have some stranger who has claimed your page and who could possibly give you an abusive nickname that you couldn't change. It's highly likely that if you don't play the game then you wouldn't even know that it had happened and that is something that rightly makes a lot of people uncomfortable. After many complaints the creator finally introduced a way for Twitter users to opt out if they didn't want to be available in the game. The only thing about it that seems a little off is that they expected people to connect with Twitter to do so. You could also direct message the Stolen account to prove that it is really you but since when do you connect with a service you're not going to use? This hasn't stopped trouble from occurring though and there must have still been people who were uncomfortable with this virtual sales room.

The app was still in its early days with only 40,000 people playing along and no certain date for an android release, or as to whether you would always need an invite code or not. Twitter played a big part in the app right until the end with invite code offers and people tweeting the apps page, often getting a response. I'd say it's a shame that this app exploded out so quickly but it wasn't going to last a long time no matter how curious you were. It was a 'get 'em while they're hot' kind of deal and now you just have to be glad that an app that was a possible avenue for more abuse is gone. No matter how strange and entrancing the app was it seemed to appear, and disappear, out of nowhere.

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