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Netflix Commissions Comedy Show Based on Miranda Sings YouTube Channel

Well, this is nothing if not a bizarre milestone. For the first time ever, a YouTube star has made the leap into actual scripted TV, courtesy of Netflix. Colleen Ballinger Evans, better known for her Miranda Sings YouTube channel, has been commissioned to write eight episodes of a new comedy show for the streaming service called Haters Back Off.

The Miranda Sings character is kind of a pop culture/social justice parody figure, wearing outrageous lipstick (badly) and singing (badly), sometimes the songs are original, other times they are covers, framed as woefully misjudged tributes to the original. She also posts bizarre tutorials and talks about current events, most of the time completely getting the wrong idea. She is undeniably well within the upper echelon of the YouTube star pantheon, with over 5 million subscribers, and she's obviously pulled in enough industry attention for Netflix to trust her to get a series off the ground.

Instead of asking her to create something entirely new, the show will actually be about the Miranda character, centered around her family life. The show will be co-written by Perry Rein and Gigi McCreery, who co-produced Friends from 1999 to 2000, and co-wrote 5 episodes during that period as well (the most notable of which being 'The One with Joey's Porsche'). They are also permanent staffers on the Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly Place (ie - that thing with Selena Gomez in it).

According to what little information has surfaced, it seems like the other characters in the show will be under no illusions about Miranda's utter lack of talent, which is probably the right way to go, the 'inexplicably successful hack' trope has been overused so much that even the phrase 'beating a dead horse' doesn't do it justice, it's more like 'steamrolling a Tesco lasagna' at this point. Even a few years ago, producing a show about a character made famous by silly YouTube vids might have been perplexing, but YouTube stars are such hot property now that their reach is extending to all forms of media.

The decision to approach somebody like Evans to make a show is a wise one, since the show will about about a legitimate character, rather than just being a cavalcade of pop culture references loosely knit together in some kind of hideous attempt to drag the YouTube generation back into the televisual dinosaur days, like a PewDiePie talk show or a You've Been Framed clone exclusively consisting of Vines.

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