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Social Cinema Coming Soon To An Instagram Near You

When I say "social cinema" I expect some of you think of the sites where you can watch things online with long distance friends. They're a great idea if you're bored or sick and want to watch something with people who aren’t with you. You'd think that the media would be trying to come up with some sort of similar paid service but instead they have gone in a totally different – and totally free - direction.

Instagram allows users to post short videos on the site. It's not a huge part of the site right now but with the spotlight, they're working on that. So I suppose it's not all that surprising that someone wants to try and do something bigger with it. The problem with 15 second videos is that they don't show much and there's no way to expand on those lengths so anything longer with a proper storyline is going to need to be shown over a series of videos.

And that is exactly what Anthony Wilcox has decided to do.

Wilcox has created and directed the film Shield Five by himself. The seven minute film will be shared in 28 parts throughout the month of February. That means one part a day of this new 'whodunnit' film. It could work quite well if the plot is succinct enough. Instagram users will tune in everyday and the beauty of it is, if you miss something or don't quite understand it then you can go back and watch the last part again easily! On the other side of the spectrum, if you're watching it at a later date then you're going to have to sit through 28 fifteen second clips and that's not going to keep people's attention for long if they're bored.

As well as the videos they're going to be posting pictures on the film account after each episode to allow people to look deeper into the film's storyline. With such short clips you can't help but think it might be necessary if they don't wind up being too vague.

It's too soon to say whether the idea of Social Cinema is this aspect will actually work but it looks like we'll eventually find out.

If you're interested in checking out this series then it'll begin on February 1st.

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