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First Instagram, Now Snapchat - The White House's Ongoing Social Media Expansion

Say what you will about the Obama administration (everybody else does), but their social media management has been consistently on point. Whoever had the bright idea to use social media platforms to effectively anthropomorphise the White House deserves a pretty major bonus and a firm, sturdy handshake.

Using a combination of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the historic government building has been promoted in new, progressive ways like virtual tours, and it's been used as a conduit to celebrate positive news, such as when it was illuminated with rainbow colours in parallel to the rainbow flag filter Facebook unveiled after marriage equality was legalised across the entirety of the US.

Snapchat has now joined the fray, as announced on Tuesday on the official webpage. In the post, product development manager Josh Miller talks about Snapchat's ever increasing user figures, as well as its appeal to the 13-34 demographic as key motivations for the decision. He also mentions the increasing amount of news shared on the platform, and that it will grant them the ability to share in more creative and innovative ways.

The page's first story was a behind-the-scenes look at preparations for the State of Union address, something which has never been shared in quite this way ever before. More than anything else, this decision demonstrates that through Live Stories, Snapchat has moved beyond a casual pass time into a platform that both demands and deserves to be taken seriously. It's helping a lot of young people engage with the news more actively, which again certainly played into the White House's decision to get on board with it, it's a way of appealing to future voters.

Presidential candidates, Hilary Clinton in particular, are using Snapchat to similar effect, recognising its potential to extend the reach of their campaigns. At this rate, Snapchat might end up being one of the most influential apps in the political world within the next few years. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Facebook.

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