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#KamiTidakTakut - The Jakarta Attacks on Social Media

After an attack on Jakarta on the morning of the 14th, the people of Indonesia have turned to social media to speak up. When the news first broke the hashtag #prayforindonesia was trending but that eventually evolved into #KamiTidakTakut which translates into English as "we are not afraid".

The people of Indonesia want to show themselves as brave and as if the attacks didn't affect them. There's even a picture floating around the internet of a man at his stall selling satay. The stall was only 100m away from the bomb site but he's not letting that stop him.

Another message going around Twitter is that "fear is not in our dictionary", as evidenced in the above tweet. Some people might see this as bravado but one look in the tags and you can see that the Indonesians are taking this seriously. Some people have apparently claimed that the country was abandoning Twitter but this sad event has proven otherwise. The president of the country has called on his people to not show any fear and they haven't. After an attack such as this you expect to only see platitudes and the like but as well as the usual sympathies and safety checks, many are people are tweeting to stand up for what they believe in.

The tweets are not the only messages making their way across the internet. Various different graphics and memes are too, including one of a peace sign with Indonesia's National Monument in the centre. This was adapted from a similar image to commemorate the Paris attacks and it works in much the same fashion now. There is also a twibbon so you can add the Indonesian flag onto your icon to show your support.

This is a bright spot in an otherwise dark day. We all wish those in the city well and hope that they stay brave.

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