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Change Those Hearts Back Into Stars on Twitter Using a Chrome Extension

After Twitter decided to change the stars into hearts the majority of users complained. They just did not understand why Twitter had done that and a few even felt quite awkward putting a heart on certain posts. I am not sure I have seen that many positive reactions to them actually.

Since early November users have no longer been able to use the star to like a post, instead they have to click on the heart. Like I said before, I am not sure anyone actually likes the heart system. It doesn't make much of a difference to me, but most people reacted like this.

The oh-so-innocent stars that were used for bookmarks, or a reminder to read something back suddenly became an instant 'I LOVE THAT POST'. Or at least that's how some saw it. But, not even 24 hours after the launch of the hearts, a Chrome extension was created to bring them back. When I stumbled upon this I thought, nah surely not. And I tried it, and it works. This guy was so unhappy with the heart system that he went and made this extension, Fav Forever.

All you need to do is download it and enable it and you'll see next time you refresh Twitter or head onto the page those hearts will be gone.

To all of you who are really unhappy with the heart system, this could make all that misery go away. Although there seemed to be a few bugs to start with, the extension has been worked on and looks to be pretty decent. So if you really cannot bare those hearts, this will be your little piece of heaven.

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