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Facebook Add Live Photos Support to iOS App

If you're unfamiliar, Live Photos are a slightly fancier flavour of GIFs that Apple rolled out as a feature on the powerful iPhone 6/6S camera. You take a 12 megapixel shot, and it's flanked on either side by 1.5 seconds of video. They behave just like normal photos when viewed, but hold your finger down and you can see the motion, the same rule applies if you have one set as your lock screen. They also animate as you scroll through them on your camera roll.

Really, they're just a somewhat more sophisticated version of a service offered by a number of different apps, the key difference being that if you use a third party app to create a GIF, it won't save as such, instead it will be stored as a video. Live Photos just come as they are, but beyond that they haven't really had many notable applications since they first turned up back in September.

Now, though, you can share them onto the Facebook app, provided you're on iOS 9, and they will be viewable by anyone else using the app, regardless of which model iPhone they have (although their software has to be up to date as well). They can be shared in the same way as any other image, but come with a button showing three concentric circles. Simply tap that and the image will animate.

Sharing GIFs on Facebook has been a thing for quite some time (they have their own dedicated section in the chat box and everything) but making your own and putting them up has suddenly been made a great deal easier. They aren't the first ones to add this functionality, Tumblr has had it for a while, but the hope is that this will influence other app developers to update their software to integrate it, expanding the reach of the feature even further.

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