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Facebook Messenger Partners with Uber

Uber are, seemingly, utterly unstoppable. Despite criticisms, boycotts and widespread protesting, they continue to gain ground and a lot of it has to do with how well their system fits with the modern, app-based way of life. Facebook can account the same reasoning for much of their success, so a partnership between the two makes a certain amount of sense.

There's been talk of a partnership between these two for a while, and that Messenger would likely be the rendezvous point. The social media giant have added a thread on the Messenger app which will enable people to hail a taxi directly from it. It's not the first time a commercial requirement has been fulfilled by Messenger, as a number of retail services can be accessed on it, but this partnership brings things to a whole different level.

As far as Uber are concerned, the aim here is to make the whole experience more social. Knowing when people are going to leave or arrive, co-coordinating rides through group chat or confirming the best drop off point with the driver and the other passengers at the same time. It's a way of blurring the lines between the app experience and the chat experience.

This won't be exclusive to them though, likely as anything. Facebook are currently testing the feature in certain cities in the US, but as it takes off, more taxi apps will purportedly be integrated, as not all countries, let alone cities, have widespread access to Uber. Equally, Uber are planning to partner with other messaging services, such as Hipchat, but Facebook remains the most sophisticated, for the time being. Rumor has it that Lyft might be the next ones to integrate their service with Facebook.

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