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#YouTube #Music has Finally Arrived

Despite what Spotify or Apple might tell you, YouTube is the largest music streaming service in the world and you can access it without paying any kind of subscription fee. It boasts a larger, more comprehensive library than any other platform, primarily because many artists at almost every level use it as a base to preview or even release new material. If an artist doesn't appear on iTunes, Spotify or even Bandcamp, chances are you'll still be able to find them on YouTube.

As such, YouTube announced a while back that they would be introducing a dedicated music app, and now it's here. It comes in two tiers: the free version, which is replete with ads, and the ad-free version, which requires a subscription to YouTube Red. Much like YouTube Gaming, it offers a more dedicated search function that looks for music and nothing else and streamlines the content into a service much like the other music apps on the market. The difference is that it also offers things like live shows, lyrics, covers and instructional content, since all of it has a visual component.

The app prioritises the official content band and label pages, followed by videos, and finally related content. It's licensed to use about 30 million tracks, but that doesn't even begin to account for all the content you'll be able to access if you add up everything. It also creates a daily recommended playlist for you, accounting for the fact that you can't make your own, presumably because they'd rather you were doing that on Google Play Music. These playlists cobble together tracks you've listened to, ones you've favourited, and new tracks it thinks you'll be interested in. If you have a YouTube Red subscription you can even access these mixes when you're offline.

Really, the main draw of this is that it takes that massive plethora of content and filters it through a more refined search. Once you're actually listening it's a lot more smooth to cycle from track to track, as well. You can also access curated content and the taste recognition means the more you use it, the better it understands what you like. I get the distinct impression that this is going to take off in a big way.

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