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#Facebook Are Encouraging #Businesses To Make It #Mobile This #Christmas

Recent data released by Facebook shows that Christmas is the most exciting time for social media platforms, and the whole of the world wide web in general. We all know that business go crazy over Christmas, and we all know that it pays off.

This year will be an even bigger year for the internet as more and more people are considering doing their Christmas shopping online. In fact over the 21 countries they surveyed, Facebook have found that 59% of holiday shoppers are doing it differently this year and 40% of those are opting for online shopping. Of course, Facebook makes it easy for advertisers as they have allowed businesses to reach a wider audience and increase their sales.

Facebook have also been looking at the amount of media and posts shared in Decmeber last year and they have said that 73% of those were created on mobile. Not only that, but there was 2.7 times more sharing on mobile than desktop. We knew it was coming! With the use of smartphones we can do pretty much anything, and we all share and post on Facebook. December is without a doubt the busiest time of the year on the platforms as people are sharing their Christmas doings and then New Year. Facebook have been giving advice to businesses on how to use these figures to their advantage this year.

  • They are saying that of the earlier 59%, 53% are looking at shopping from multiple sources and 40% are going to be shopping online more than last year, so give your customers a reason to add you to their new list. And with Black Friday coming up, people are still wanting to purchase items before then! So get in there first, make it appealing and make your business known to them.

  • Open up your ideas of gift sales. People love shared experiences. Expand your market and give the public what they want because an whopping 85% of people say that spending quality time with their loved ones is a 'holiday highlight'. So be creative with what you are selling. As it has been said maybe it's the gift card that brings everyone together, or the phone that helps you keep the memories that makes their Christmas. 

  • Catch their eye by sharing clear and exciting posts and photographs. Maybe you will make short videos for some products, all of this allowing users to click, like and share too. 28% more media is shared over this holiday season so make sure you get in on that when you can as I can only imagine those numbers will increase this year. Also, the easier you make it for them, the nicer their Christmas. We've all experienced the stress of Christmas. But for every down side there is an upside so make their day by showing them that with the perfect gift bought from you, they could make someone else a very happy bunny.

Facebook is already filled with Christmas related adverts from various businesses, so make sure you too find a spot amongst all of it. Mobile could be one of your biggest sources of income just remember to stand out, and make it social. If people can go to your website as well as share your ad, then your in for a treat. Give them a reason to buy from you! Make the most of Facebook's many facilities and make yoiur business seen, and remember to connect with your audience.

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