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Facebook Users #EmbraceTheBump After Pregnant TV Meteorologist Trolled

Having announced her pregnancy back in March, TV Meteorologist Cindy Morgan, of Rochester, Minnesota, was eagerly anticipating the birth of her daughter. However, due to disparaging comments from viewers about her appearance on air, she admitted that each remark took away "a small piece of my excitement about my little girl's arrival". In a condemning post to Facebook, the weather reporter lambasted those who had criticised her and explained that she would not be discouraged from embracing her bump - with hundreds of users coming out in support.

“I’ve been told to wear maternity clothes (which I do), I look like I’m about ready to tip over, I show too much of my belly, and my choice in clothes is distasteful and disrespectful,” the presenter explained. She told how she was not the only female meteorologist who had had "terrible comments while pregnant."

Since when has body shaming a pregnant woman become the thing to do? I’ve been told to wear maternity clothes (which...
Posted by Cindy Morgan ABC 6 Meteorologist on Tuesday, 24 November 2015

In response to the issue, news director David Springer published a message from the official ABC 6 Facebook page. 
Given the current state of social media, you can never fully protect people from nasty comments. We understand that. But we also understand that we can support and stand behind our co-workers, which is what we’re doing today. We here at ABC 6 News support the strong, professional women that work here, especially those who continue to put in all the necessary hours while also being pregnant. We are banding together and supporting Cindy. I hope you will too.”
And it seems for the majority that is exactly what social media users have done. Her post provoked an outpouring of support, with many other mums-to-be sharing their photos under the hashtag '#embracethebump'. 

I love seeing your baby bump on TV. Thanks for sharing it with the world! #workingmomsrock #bumpsarebeautiful
Posted by Laura Helle on Wednesday, 25 November 2015
Hang in there, Cindy. You look beautiful pregnant. You are a fabulous meteorologist and my sons and I watch you every...
Posted by Gretchen Williamson on Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Even two fellow pregnant employees joined Cindy for a photo to emphasise their solidarity with the weather forecaster.

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